Business Analysis Courses that Meet Your Objectives

Published: 10th January 2011
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The business analysis profession has arisen only in the past few year and is growing fast. Consider this: there are 12,000 Certified Business Analyst Professionals (CBAP), and the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) was only founded 8 years ago! In fact, the inaugural BA certification exam only took place in November 2006, and the IIBA has established itself as the leading association in the world of business analysis. CBAP is the first credential for business analysts recognized worldwide, with credential holders in more than 60 countries of the world.

What is the driving force behind this? I think the answer in simple and can be boiled down to one word: change. The speed of change, and the need to make the most of change as a competitive advantage, is definitely a key driver – if not THE key driver.

Values and Objectives of Business Analysis Courses

Why would someone seek business analysis courses and what could be their primary objectives? They could learn to approach situations in a neutral fashion, to develop the unique ability to "step outside and look in" – to position themselves to create and deliver new and exciting cutting edge solutions. Another is to develop an intelligent way to look at situations, helping them as professionals to understand where they can provide the most value. Another is to help organizations analyze their specific challenges and find unique responses to them - to achieve competitive advantage, and within short time scales.

And here’s one more benefit to developing strong business analysis skills: increase personal earnings! According to IT jobs watch, a United Kingdom (UK) based organization; Business Analysis and Project Management are respectively the number one and two most sought after processes and methodologies in IT jobs advertised throughout the UK. And the salary for IT jobs citing IIBA over time shows a steady improvement in compensation.

Types of Business Analysis Courses

Business analysis courses ideally will help to prepare the student to gain professional recognition from peers, management and the business community - by earning a credential. The top credential is the CBAP, which is highly regarded by individuals and corporate organizations as The Gold Standard. So, the bottom line is that finding business analysis courses that is built on the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) is the key.

In order of cost, from highest to lowest, here are the three types of training based on preferred learning style: instructor lead live classroom training, instructor-led live online training, and independent online training. While there are benefits to being with the classroom for immediate response and interaction, this can actually be done more effectively with the instructor-led online training, which also has the benefit of no travel. While the independent online training lacks the in-person benefits, lots of people see that as a positive. They find that independent online business analysis courses also enable them to train according to their own schedule, spend more time on harder lessons (and maybe even access a mentor for on-demand help), and less time on easier lessons.

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